We are a team with diverse expertise in publishing, authorship, editorial & creative direction, design, and production. We work with start-ups, major brands, authors, publishers, and cultural institutions to create editorial products that innovatively and effectively express the voices and messages of our clients.

We develop, design, and produce a wide range of customized projects including:

  • Distinctive complements to a company’s core product or articulation of its mission

  • One-of-a-kind keepsakes to commemorate a new endeavor, milestone, or distinguished individual

  • Content strategies for lasting mementos that solidify brand loyalty

  • Marketable cookbook concepts, proposals, or self-publishing direction for chefs, restaurateurs, and food bloggers

  • Monographs, exhibition catalogues, and publication series for museums, galleries, and artists

  • Boutique publications for makers and authors to sell through independent retailers

  • Consult on, design, and produce Libraries for private, business, and social situations—or any place where books are needed to make an impact